The 2 Day Fast Diet with 5 Days Off – A Revolutionary New Way to Lose Weight


The 5 2 Diet Plan is a revolutionary way to lose weight, and this 2 Day Fast Diet has effective results. The 2 Day Fast Diet is a weight loss regimen that uses two days of fasting or two days of significantly reduced caloric intake. These two days are chosen by the dieter as those days that can be set aside for a small calorie intake that is usually around 500 calories for women per day and 600 calories for men per day. This means that the rest of the week or the five remaining days of the diet are basically a standard diet. This standard intake of food is usually around 2000 calories for women and around 2400 calories for men. There is a The 2 Day Fast Diet with 5 Days Off - A Revolutionary New Way to Lose Weightstandard caloric intake that should be followed for the remaining days of the diet. This suggests that these five days should be monitored for the amount of calories that are used as well. Overeating for the remainder of the diet regimen will only cause the weight loss to come back as weight gain. One to two pounds per week can be lost on the two day fasting diet.


The Fast Diet has several benefits that include the following:

1. This diet plan is simple and direct and easy to follow. Most of the diet planning is scheduled around the two days chosen for fasting. Caloric measuring is needed for the two fasting days and for the remaining five days as well.

2. This type of fasting regimen can be used as a purification method that has ancient origins. Purification has been successful for diabetic patients, those with cholesterol issues, and patients with mental conditions including dementia.

3. A diet restriction for only two days seems to have a certain psychological edge in that the diet lasts only for a limited time period. Regular food intake can begin the next day, for example.

4. This type of two day dieting can be combined with high intensity training exercises. The combination of fasting and high intensity training exercises can produce effective and body enhancing results for the disciplined dieter.


The Fast Diet can be a way to lose weight quickly if the dieter follows a certain regimen. The following can be downfalls of this type of diet plan:

1. A Fast Diet can be used to lose weight for a special occasion, but this type of lifestyle needs to continue in order for the diet plan to remain successful.

2. The dieter needs to make sure that the weight lost is fat and not muscle. The high intensity training regimen is a positive addition for this type of no nonsense dieter.

3. Critics have called this diet a starvation mode or starvation plan. The significant reduction in calories for the two days of dieting needs to be monitored for protein intake, fiber intake, and possible dehydration.


The Fast Diet was developed by Dr. Michael Mosely in the U.K. Dr. Mosely has an educational background in the medical sciences and has worked as a medical journalist for a number of years. He experienced diabetic and high cholesterol problems and began to search for an answer to his condition. He discovered intermittent fasting and found that this self treatment was significantly successful for his own medical conditions.


The Fast Diet is a direct and easy to use diet plan that structures two days of low calorie intake for the dieter. The other five days are monitored for regular caloric intake. The results seem to produce around one to two pounds of weight loss per week. Most of the weight loss is fat. Intermittent fasting should be combined with high intensity training exercises as well. This diet can be seen as a lifestyle change for a serious and dedicated dieter.

For more information read the book:
The FastDiet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer with the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting

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