A simple guide and recipe resource for Weight Loss Smoothies.


How I started drinking Weight Loss Smoothies

weight loss smoothiesA while back I found myself enamored by an infomercial about weight loss smoothies. After a little deliberation with my wife we decided to buy a smoothie blender called the Nutri Bullet and give it a try. And after hundreds of smoothies later all I can say is WOW.

I never thought that something that looked so gross could taste so good. These smoothies are so tasty that even my young children, who shudder at the mere color of something green on their plates, love them. Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss were our intended purpose for the NutriBullet smoothie blender, but now it is so much more.

I personally have never been a fruit person, but since starting to use the NutriBullet I have never eaten so much. Within a week of drinking these smoothies as a breakfast replacement, I had felt considerably better. They definitely give you a little pick me up, but also make you feel like you have started out on the right foot. My traditional sugar flavored cereal has been replaced with a vitamin packed delicious treat the weight loss smoothies.

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